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Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is becoming more and more common these days. It is a scary ordeal for parents and teens alike..

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Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is becoming more and more common these days. It is a scary ordeal for parents and teens alike. The reasons are many and varied as to why a teen becomes depressed. Parental assistance and depression support are essential to get the teen the help they need.

Occasional bad moods, depression, and feelings of anger are normal at certain times in a teen’s life. When these issues become an everyday occurrence, and the teen has a dramatic change in their personality this can become an issue that needs to be addressed. Without some type of depression support, the teen can have problems in school, as well as issues with drug abuse, friendships, and even thoughts of suicide. When a teen knows he has parental assistance and love, this can make the situation better.

A parent must let the teen know they are going to be there for them no matter the problems. Gently insist that the teen tells what the problems are so that a parent can help. Never criticize the feelings of despair and depression the teen is experiencing as this will only make the teen feel worse than they already did. Encouraging any type of physical activity has been shown to help reduce depression. Remaining active in the teen’s treatment is essential for the parent to know what’s going on and showing support to the child. Having parental assistance and support can go a long way towards making the teen feel better.

Seek out depression support in the form of a psychologist or a psychiatrist, who specialize in adolescent depression. Ask the teens doctor for a referral. Listen to the teen, if they do not care for the depression specialist, find one they do like. If the teen does not like the specialist, they will not open up to them to discuss the problems being faced. Putting the teen on medication should always be the last resort. Medication for depression has side effects that are bad for the developing brain of a teenager.

A parent should be patient, as depression is not a quick fix. Being involved in the teen’s life and treatment can be the difference between success and failure. There is also the possibility of setbacks during treatment. Being there for the teen can be one of the most important parts of treatment. Negativity breeds negativity, so be positive, and with the proper treatment teen depression can be overcome.

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