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Learn The Signs For Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression is a depression that can occur in a woman after she has given birth to a baby..

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Learn The Signs For Postnatal Depression

What Is Postnatal Depression?

Postnatal depression is a depression that can occur in a woman after she has given birth to a baby. Although it is common for many mothers to get into a “low” mood after giving birth, postnatal depression can be severe and a woman who thinks she might have it should seek postnatal depression assistance. There are different cases of depression after having a baby that can range in severity. The most common is a form of mild and normal depression, but there are cases where the depression can become very severe and should be treated.

For those woman who are afraid to recognize symptoms of postnatal depression (PND), they should know that they are not alone. PND is common and can occur in up to 10-15 percent of mothers who have just given birth. The depression will usually start to occur following the first month after having a baby. It can also develop from a case of mild depression as well. Sometimes, it may be difficult to know if a mother is suffering from ordinary depression or from postnatal depression. In these cases, it is best to seek depression treatment from a doctor.

Common Symptoms Of Postnatal Depression

Though many of the following symptoms are very similar to regular depression, a woman should still seek postnatal depression assistance if she has just given birth recently.

- Feelings of sadness and misery that can come about for no apparent reason
- Not being able to enjoy any activities that were enjoyed before
- Irritability
- Sleep problems
- Excessive lack of energy
- Affected appetite
- Anxiety

This is a frequent and common occurrence for women who suffer from PND. It can take on many different forms. The most common form is the feeling of being “on edge” and anxious about simple things that may seem overwhelming at the time. For those that have more severe forms of anxiety, they might begin to have panic attacks. A panic attack is an episode that could last for several minutes and might feel like a heart attack or stroke is coming on. These episodes can be extremely frightening, but can get better on their own.

Causes Of Postnatal Depression

There are no known causes for postnatal depression. It is likely brought on by a number of factors that are involved with pregnancy and giving birth. There are many hormones involved in the process and they can cause many problems along with the stresses of having to take care of a new baby and lack of sleep.

Treatments For PND

Thankfully, if a woman is suffering from postnatal depression, there are depression treatment methods available. The most important aspect of getting better is seeking out help from a professional to get it diagnosed. It is treated in much the same ways as ordinary depression. In some cases, the use of antidepressants will be necessary, though it may cause problems for mothers who are breastfeeding their babies.

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